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The program of the conference:

- opening, plenary session (hall 1.417)
- sections:

   "Transportation Ways, Traffic Safety and Transport Management" (hall 1.113).
   "Construction Structures, Buildings and Facilities" (hall 1.417).
   "Construction Materials, Protection and Repair of Structures and Buildings" (hall 1.306).


17 November 2021 09.00÷10.50 - registration
11.00÷13.00 - opening, plenary meeting
14.00÷17.00 - section work
17 - 19 November 2021 10.00÷17.00 - section work
19 November 2021 10.00÷14.00 - section work
14.00 - the departure of the participants


Dmytro Potapov

PhD (Tech.), Assoc. Prof., Associate Professor of Railroad Track and Transport Facilities Department, UkrSURT (Kharkiv).

Michael Pavliuchenkov

PhD (Tech.), Assoc. Prof., Associate Professor of Structural Mechanics and Hydraulics Department, UkrSURT (Kharkiv).
Olga Borziak PhD (Tech.), Assoc. Prof., Associate Professor of Building Materials, Structures and Facilities Department, UkrSURT (Kharkiv).

Invitation letter
Conference program